Gas Nitriding, Powered by Nitreg® Technology

Frontier Valve and Nitrex Metal Technologies -  Nitreg Technology powered gas nitriding service

Nitrex Metal Technologies (NMT) is a key piece of the Frontier Valve experience. NMT offers a modern, sophisticated surface treating technology coupled with a desire to continually set new standards of service. 

The NMT team represents decades of material processing expertise. Our most senior specialists have been in the business for over thirty years, while new ideas are being infused through select recruiting.

Committment to quality

Over the years we have learned that quality is what the customer Think’s it is. Consequently, our efforts are directed at satisfying your requirements.

In order to do that we focus on:

  • Using the best equipment
  • Employing the most sophisticated control systems and concepts
  • Applying “state-of-the-art” technology
  • Cultivating fault prevention

Service excellence

Our service extends well above that which would normally be expected. Frequently our customers present us with challenges for many applications that require a substantial scope of engineering support.

Our staff of engineers, metallurgists, and other scientists allows us to offer constructive advice and conduct analyses of a variety of material, design, or processing problems.

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