Debris Catcher

Frontier Valve's debris catchers are designed to catch and remove debris from the flow line without shutting down flow. It is installed upstream from the chokes, sand probes or other equipment to be protected. A quick 180 degree turn of the valve seals the debris chamber so it can be cleaned, then returned to normal service.


Frontier Valve Debris Catcher
  • Capable of continuous debris removal
  • Cleaning capability without shutting down flow
  • Reduces damage and protects equipment
  • Low cost cleanup solution for rocks, valve parts, and unwanted solids
  • Can be installed down stream of choke and control valves to remove failed trim fragments travelling downstream
  • Screens available for different piping size, pressure rating, and multiple applications
  • Engineered for safe and easy installation, operation, and removal
  • ANSI and API design pressure ratings
  • 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” available with A216 WCB / A352 LCC material constructions

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